Sunday, September 14, 2008

no tip for you

So were out to lunch and the kids were really good. I mean nop screaming or yelling on anyones part. The waitress THREW the check at the table at us!! Are you kidding me? Do you just not want a tip? Granted it wasn't a high class place or anything but really? I guess you're good with the 2.50 you make without tip!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

And so it begins

Well here it goes:
Remember the days of customer service?? Well it wasn't that long ago really. I'm not that old!! But maybe I just pay more attention now? I don't know.
But I'm at the food store (alot of my posts will probably be complaints about this!!!) and I have my son in the cart (he's 16mo) and my daughter standing there (she's 4) and I'm bagging. Now before I go any further...yes I do have reusable bags....I happened not to have them with me at the time though that is a whole different post!!!
So anyway...back to bagging. As the cashier is scanning and pushing the stuff down to the end, now I don't consider myself a "slow bagger" or a "browsing shopper" or even a "crazed coupon person", I have two kids that no longer want to be in the store and after an hour dealing with all the afore mentioned people neither do I!!! So I'm stuffing things in fast as I can and she keeps SHOVING stuff down to me! Things were starting to fall off the belt! HOLY CRAP! STOP THE BELT! Well after yelling that (yes...that was me) she stops it, but does she try to grab some stuff and put it in a bag?? busy laughing with the obnoxious teens behind me shopping for their "lock-in". Well the kicker is that now everything is done scanning and she tells me the total....and stares at me for the money! HELLO...STILL BAGGING HERE!!! PUT DOWN YOUR CELL PHONE GRAB THE FIG NEWTONS AND SHOVE THEM IN THE BAG!!! HELP ME OUT HERE~
Where did the baggers go?
How about the managers that make sure you're being "taken care of" where are they?
Self checkout...maybe that's just a better option!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's with the title?

Well hello to anyone out there! My first post will be just briefly to explain the title chosen!
Aseop's Fables. Stories told alot in the 1950's to kids by their parents in hopes to instill strong morals.
I was sitting her thinking that I'm very fed up with alot of society today and what ever happend to the 50's way of life. So I wanted to relate something back to then.....hence Aseop!