Sunday, February 27, 2011

Where did my Husband Go?

Family is a funny thing. We all know that. So since neither of our families are "around the corner" it's usually a day event for us to see them. I mean they're not states away or anything but an hour drive. So we're in the middle of planning a vacation, with my family. So my sister wanted to come down, her car needed to be put in the shop so I was going to meet her on the parkway. Of course this takes planning beyond my families ability so I just went up and got her, had lunch with Grandma--which makes her day--and drove home in time to get the Princess from school. All the while my DH was home "working" from home. Yea. Or shall we revisit the "sitting at the kitchen table in the middle of the house on his computer talking on the phone" from home. So I was happy to get out.
So my sister is here. My Mom is coming down too (SURPRISE). But she suddenly has dinner plans and won't be down till late. Awesome. Now to my sister, my DH may as well be her big brother. DH and I have been together since she was 9. So it's no biggie, he rags on her like any big brother would be expected to do.
Where is this going you ask....of Sat AM after a long night with my Monster being a terror of not sleeping, I get to catch an extra hour as the other three adults tend to the kiddies. Which leave DH alone with then all! LOL. As soon as I'm awake. HEs GONE!
He went up to shower and then was gone for.....hours!! We watched a movie-Mega Mind which was really funny BTW--had lunch, played....still gone! I finally found him sitting in our bedroom watching the Yankee game!! I walked into him with a big grin on his face!
Hiding. Brat.
Vacation may be interesting...he better not disappear! Esp since my brother will be there too! Crap, I may need to put a tracker on him.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


So I'm a stay at home Mom. I clean (ok stop laughing...) I cook, I do laundry, drive around to school drop offs pick ups and activities, Food shop, wipe noses, feed faces, wipe butts, do homework, projects, pay bills, garden, and get to watch pretty much every moment of my precious babies grow up. And this is why I feel guilty when I leave them to do anything for myself. They are only babies and need me for so long. I'm getting better at leaving them to go to the gym. Mostly cause I go at 9pm at night and they're sleeping. I guess I should feel bad my hubby is home--but oddly that doesn't make me feel guilty! lol
So this post is brought on by my joining a new gym. We were memebers...the whole the local YMCA. It wasn't cheap but it was pretty packed with things; Daycare-pool-classes-gym-fitness. The problem was that I was the only one that would go. At night. So needless to say the classes were ususally done, I'm not into swimming, and the kids were home asleep so no point in daycare. For the kids to do anything there--besides be members--it was extra $.
I didn't go during the day cause I didn't want to put them in the daycare. THATS MY JOB. Maybe once in a while, but really. So needless to say we cancelled. I'm looking for a new gym. I've got a trial membership to one that is gym equipt. and that's it. No daycare, no classes. Which is basically what I've been doing all along. THEN theres another one that has classes, fitness and daycare. But I wont use it. I know I won't. So I shouldn't bother right?
Well regardless my post may have been prompted by joining a new gym but my thoughts still go on thinking about working moms, and I don't know how you do it honestly. You always hear the "I feel so much mommy guilt" from the WMs but then they have no problem going on vacation without their kids, or going to the gym to train for a marathon for hours.
Maybe when the kids are older---besides my husband forcing me out the door into the work force--I won't feel so bad about taking some Me time. Till then I'll have to take my hour when I can get it and maybe my MNO escapes every once and a while. Hmmmm speaking of....

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Holy Vomit Batman!!

Well well. Here I am again. So we got swindled into going up to celebrate my Father in laws birthday and of course my SIL and BIL too, since they are a week apart and god forbid we don't have 3 special cakes...sorry off subject, so we're there and my nephew comes in all clingy and un friendly attached to his Mother. He separates enough from her to say "I have to go to the bathroom" AND THEN IT STARTS! He's messed his pants, they get put in the biggie right. He's 4. It happens. Then it happens again, and again. So nahhh he's not sick. There's not 3 other kids there, a 94yr old and a woman who is a sort of science experiment that she's even alive. But bring on the gastro disaster.
My BIL and his boring finance then complain that they always get sick from my Nephew. (not like this will impede their participation in any family events, as I haven't seen her since I think Easter?)
So we all go home after being properly smoked.
We find out that the Nephew has started throwing up. Day later, BIL and boring are sick. Grandpa is sick. CRAP!!!!!!!
Down goes the little man, then the little monster then Daddy. One day clear of vomit, not of gastro issues but hey. Little Man comes home from school with hives, odd. We ask if the Nephew got hives too--nope. Down goes Mommy. Bring little man to dr and she sends us for blood work as hives look like some after effect gastro infection. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF me. One day clear. Down goes the princess. PLEASE LET US BE DONE!!!
So the little man still gets the hives. He's ok. Blood work fine for now. Just needs to be monitored for a bit.
SO, you tell me. Everyone else got the gastro part AFTER the vomit. Was the nephew sick before he showed up for the big birthday bash????? I think so. Not to mention the very defensive comments from my SIL on the subject!