Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sibling Super Bowl PreGame

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the SIBLING SUPER BOWL!
The home advantage team "Lil Miss" will be taking on the newly independent "Gremlin." 
Never before in franchise history has there been such a match up. 

Lil Miss has superior screaming ability, height advantage, and tattling skills.

Gremlin brings brute force, full set of teeth, and willingness to sacrifice his whole body.

This promises to be a history making event.  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Just a quick note to mention the amazing moment in history today. I've said I'm not a supporter of Obama's plan but for the historical aspect it was amazing. The ceremony, the people. Wow.
Just a note! Welcome, and congratulations President Obama. Please don't disappoint us!

Out of control

So I'm sort of in a crappy position. I probably have said it before but my family never had money. Never had it to be good or bad with...it was just all bad. So now with my father being sick, and though he may not have a salary coming in he has SS and a Vets payments. Regardless it's not alot...at all. My Mom works full time at a Drs office and she makes enough to live on...herself...not to mention  my siblings to care for and my Dad...medical bills, and all the normal household expenses. Sorry...I digress...
They are in serious need of help. I really want to just go in...collect all the bills...even the ones she doesn't admit too and help them organize them. Give them a fighting chance. But I don't want to be the bad guy. I don't want take away the money she thinks she has to go shopping which she shouldn't do anyway cause she doesn't have it to spend shopping!!!!! I know. I'm talking circles. But what do I do? I can't financially help out. But I don't want them to lose their home. I don't want them to go into bankruptcy AGAIN. Now what?? Do I just suck up the hate and help? Even if I give her the tools to do it herself I don't think she would. See her "drug" her "antidepressant" is shopping. UGH. It's just out of control.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

under the influence

So lately my lil'Miss has been coming out with some doozies! She tells me things "freaked her out" and "that's insane" like she's Crazy Eddie! ha.
Sometimes her little attitude shocks me. I believe it's under the influence of some of her school friends. One particular girl (we'll call her E), lives close, and she's the oldest of 4 girls. And yes...she's 4! Ok just about 5, but do the math. Anywho she's very....vocal? And opinionated? I'm not sure how to else to say it...precocious. You might snap judge and say "brat", but being 3 other kids in the house 3,1,and new. I'm not sure brat is fair. Anyway...
When lil'Miss is around E alot she comes home with her personality. UGH. I don't have the tolerance for that AT ALL! Now I love E's family...but everyone raises their children differently and I'm not about to go tell them their daughter needs an attitude adjustment! Even if she does! If lil'Miss yelled at me like I've seen E yell back at her parents (yes again...4yrold) I'd have a tough time holding back my hand. And I'm not a spanker nor a spanking threat person. 
It's funny how kids copy other people. I've seen both of my monkeys copy myself. Lil'Miss talks to the lil'Gremlin like I speak to him which is absolutely adorable! I've also seen the lil' Gremlin copy my hand motions while I'm doing just about everything! I guess that's how they learn...but it's still funny..and scary! How do you stop the influence you don't want when it's likely you kids will be across the street from each other through high school (unless they raise the taxes again then we're all screwed!)? Lets just hope eventually they fall into different groups and they're just friendly not BBF's!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Movin' and Shakin'

Wow. This month is already on the move!!! School is back in session, all, and I mean ALL, of the holiday parties are finished! I just wanted to drop in and say howdy!  
I noticed that I had a few bills hanging around and I though oh no!!!! But luckily I knew that things would get crazy and had them all ready to go! That is one very very nice thing about online banking! I used to swear by my checks...but with all the chaos now..piles of mail and TOYS everywhere...to hop on the computer and do the bills...phew!
I did manage to change my page a little. Nothing exciting. I have to get some photos on my laptop so I can start putting them on here. I'm not sure how or who will be the first! 
Can I just say the lil Gremlin was exactly that today!! He wouldn't stop climbing onto his toys, chairs, couch, dishwasher...you name it his leg was trying to flip himself over onto it! 
Well that's it for my mindless rambling
Hope all is well in cyberspace!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Resolution Time!

OK. New. Happy Post!
Well maybe not birds chirping critters following cartoon happy! But none the less happy! ha!
So I was watching Oprah last night. It was all about how she fell off the wagon, and she was really honest, though it still sounded "poor me" which is hard to relate to Oprah! But...It was alot about putting yourself on the "list". You know the to do list. Laundry, Floors, Food shopping...ME! haha.
Hubby was on the computer while I was watching and folding laundry. I wonder if any sunk in to him...that I really don't do much for me. We'll see!
So this year, Oprah and I (heeeheee), are putting ourselves on the list! 
I tend to run around like a crazy woman while lil Miss is at school and lil Gremlin (my baby boys new nickname) is sleeping. Instead I think I'll do some things---I don't want to seem lazy--then I'll sit and read, or email, or god forbid EXERCISE! ha. 
I would really like to get healthy. And yea of course lose that pesky weight, but first healthy. I don't want to eat the crappy foods anymore. Over the holidays I went hogwild since it was everywhere I turned. But I felt horrible, bloated, my skin turned on me, uck
I want to get out more. Not party out, but just out. Walk around the block if it's not frigid! Go to the Mall, Meet up with friends, Visit family. Maybe not doing any of these over food would be helpful!!
I'd really really like to get into the city with the kids and see some of the museums. It's something I love and I want my kiddies to love it too.
I want to stop thinking doing the dishes or putting away laundry is more important at the time than playing a game with lil Miss---even if I despise puzzles! 
WELL that's a good start. I could go on forever really. Baby steps. I'm going to progress on these first...then I'll add.

PS: I need to jazz up this blog....JBM I need some help over here!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

reality...it's so close

I was going to make my first post of the year happy and cheery and full of resolutions I'd hope to keep. Alas I just don't have it in me today. I'm a disaster. The kids are fine, hubby's fine, I'm ok
I was talking with Mom, this usually sparks something, and she actually sounded scared for my Dad. She said he was in so much pain last night she just about brought him to the ER to get some IV meds. She said he was besides himself in pain, the drugs weren't working. She thought the hospital would at least be able to give him more. He sounded ok today. Mom said he was actually better, hungry, and moving around. I think it was one of the first times I've actually heard her scared...not just medically playing the role of he's sick. 
Then that weighs on my mind for the rest of the day. I think I should be asking him questions I don't know the answers too...getting his special BBQ sauce recipe....taking photos and recording his voice. Reality is scary. Really Really Scary.
I think of all of it I'm terrified of talking to my Daughter about it. She's going to be the one with all the questions I can't answer. Do I prep her...tell her he's sick. But then will she think that everyone who's sick will leave her? OH MY GOD. THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE. I think this is the worst thing. 
For me I've already lost a good part of my Dad this winter. Once he really got sick, wouldn't eat, lost weight, couldn't move around. It was just hard to see him the same. But my baby girl, still sees her Gramps, just with no hair. And though my lil Boy loves him, and goes right to him, he may look for him, but he just won't understand at all. 
I'm just, besides myself. 
I apologize for the sad new years greetings for those who do read. I can't constantly impale my poor husband with my emotions. He has his mother who is a case of her own to deal with. 
thanks all. The outlet is very much needed.