Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dreams do come true?

So I've been having the strangest dreams lately! From having a garage sale to get rid of all our stuff...I mean flying a jet plane! I don't know if it's lack of sleep which gives me lack of time to make sense and random images just form a dream!!!! Or maybe my brain is actually broken!! Like it's glitching out! Skipping vital information! Then the alarm clock goes off...I mean the Gremlin is screaming... and the strange images stop. 
I've always had vivid dreams. I also had those recurring dreams...ever since I can actually remember. I know people always say they have a bit of the 6th sense in them, and I guess I'm one of them but I seem to know when something is wrong. I knew when my great uncle died, I knew when my sister was brought to the hospital, though they were all dreams with references to them and something that related to the situation. But the most vivid dream or flashes I had was of my son dying. And when it happened, it was right on spot. Down to the blanket. was horrifying
But I digress...
So do dreams come true?? I hope not, I'm not a fan of flying!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Man Baby

So the Hubby has not been feeling well for...oh about a week or so now. Maybe less...feels like more. What is it with Men that they can not deal with anything? Every little ache or sniffle I had to not only hear about it but try and figure out what it was!! At some point I said stop asking me I'm not a doctor!!! Not to mention if I'm sick before hand it's my fault and his is much worse! And if I'm sick after he had the same thing only worse! WTF! He's been in bed by 9 the past 3 nights...sleeping alone in OUR bed while I deal with the children that don't sleep and he just "can't deal " with anything else. So if I'm sick I was told it's my fault if I don't complain enough! I told him nobody listens or cares if I have a problem so I don't bother anymore! He just have me a look and a sniffle and laid down. MAN BABY!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day

Even as I typed the label in for this I laughed a bit thinking Valentines Day is a holiday. It's nice to remind yourself, your spouse, anyone really about the love you have for them, but a holiday?? I'm still questioning that! We only exchange cards. We gave the kids a little something but we didn't exchange. I'm fine with that. I don't want to spend the extra money...besides I enjoyed the Chinese food we got to treat ourselves to! 
I am reminded that 12 years ago today Hubby "popped the question." It was really sweet. We were only in our apartment for 2 weeks. I had a basketball game to coach and we drove up to it and he dropped me off and little known to me, drove over to my parents to "ask for my hand" from my Dad. 
I mean I knew we'd get married. I just didn't know when the official things would happen! I was very surprised. 
We got home had a nice dinner that we cooked, sat down to exchange gifts and he gave me this strange box (not a ring box), I looked at him like oh god what did you get?! As I opened it he got down on one knee! So cute. 
We were married a year and 10 months later! Hey man we needed time to save!! But I'm happy we paid for it even though it hurt at the time! I'll never have to hear "we paid for your wedding" not that either of our families are in the position to do that anyway!
So this year is 10 years for us. 

Friday, February 6, 2009


So this Sunday I will be off to AC BABY! My Moms office is doing a fundraiser for my Dad. My Dad won't be able to go. It's a fairly long ride and then alot of walking. I said I'd push him around but my Mom thinks the ride is what's going to be too much. I guess. I wish he could go. My brother is all po'ed too since he'll be 21 NEXT week! hahah. But at least there is someone to stay with Dad. 
I've been to AC one other time. I took my Mom down for her 50th Birthday. It was fun. This time we're taking a bus! I'm going with them and a friend of mine, my college roommate, is going too! I'm so excited. I really haven't done anything for a whole day with out the kids or the husband in a really long time...or at all since kids! Crazy. I don't know what I'm going to do! Screw the slots or cards!! I'm going to be so happy to just be out!! I hope hubby survives the day. Of course he'll be headed up to his parents house. (like every male left alone with kids) Only this is for his fathers birthday and his brother and sisters 30th birthday dinner. They're going out, thanks to grandpa, then back to the smoke house for cake. I've already voiced my "don't keep the kids in that smoke crap house for too long" opinion. We'll see how that works. He has that major guilt from his Mother about not being there...even without her saying it. But my MIL and FIL both smoke....constantly!! The house stinks. And in turn you stink! ANYWHO...
Back to AC! I hope everything goes well and I'm not reminded of this day away every time I want to go somewhere!! We'll see!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

At some point...

At some point my body may just pass out. Seriously. I of course expected it when the kids were babies. But 4.5 and 1.5? I actually know people that kiss their kids on the head...give them a squeeze...plop them in bed or crib....turn off the light...and leave. AND THE KIDS GO TO BED! ALL NIGHT! I think they may drug them? That's my theory anyway. 
Little Miss was doing sooooo well. We'd still have to lay with her to go to sleep but a little nap at 8 never hurt any of us! But she's stay in bed and just join us or me in the early AM. Fine. While I was prego with the Gremlin, Lil Miss slowly joined us earlier and earlier. The once Gremlin was here she wouldn't leave! And quite frankly being up every 2 hours I didn't care where she was as long as she was asleep. It's not like I was laying there anyway! To get her out was hard...Hubby has spent alot of time sleeping in a twin bed with her. It did get better. And for the most part she stays there now...last night she didn't. 
No I do believe the Gremlin my have some ear issue going on again. He doesn't sleep well when that is happening. I've either gotten him at 3 and dealt with him rolling back and forth between us all night or slept in the guest room...or in the chair depending on how fast the me to him sleeping happened! haha. I'm just tired. Worn out. More so than I was when he was a baby. It's like my body said...hey....I gave you a get some stinking rest!!! And I'm not a napper. I can't just lay down at 2:30 and take a snooze. I didn't do that when either of them were little. It  never happened with the Gremlin because Lil Miss must take after me and doesn't nap either! 
So this is my delirious post. I probably talked in circles...I just don't care. All I ask is those people with the "kid sleeping all night" drugs send me some!!! Please. I've served my time!!