Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 Reflection

Wow. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying "Where the hell did 2008 go?"
I can recall moments through out the year but I really can't account for the 366 days that went by this year. I hope I'm not questioned where I was on March 3rd, because I won't know!!
This year has been alot of ups and downs for us as a family. 
*January started with the death of my Great Grandmother. She was 99. I can't say people were devastated, but we still lost the matriarch of our family, not one person could remember a day without her here. 
*Then came the big horrible news that started out and has been an everyday reminder for us. My Dad was diagnosed with advanced terminal lung cancer. A death sentence. He has gone though radiation, chemo, biopsies, more radiation, more chemo, more scans tests and what have you. He lost his hair...then his mustache, then about 40lbs. It took forever to get information out of my Mom. She is a nurse in a drs office so she really sees the medical side of things and instead of being a wife or mother she plays medical assistant. It's very obnoxious, but I think its the way she deals. I still get little bits of information passed along in random conversations. "Wow I have a sink full of dishes, oh and your Fathers cat scan showed something on his hip" WHAT? What cat scan??? 
*The year moved along. Hubbys Grandfather turned 92. He's amazing. He has really become my Grandpa too. He loves the kids, he delivers meals on wheels to people who can't get around like he does and he always has plans!
*Hubby turned 35. He didn't seem to care, but I know he kind of stuttered when his birthday came around!
*My baby boy turned 1. Talk about a year that just...wow. He's so happy. Such a good baby. Goes to anyone, eats well. DOES NOT SLEEP. But I think I'll take that over a cranky kid all day long. He's damn cute too!
*We traveled to Disney as a family. That was both hectic and awesome. My Daughter can't wait to go back. She's saving her money in her piggybank  to go!
*My baby girl turned 4. Again....amazing. I can instantly bring myself back to holding her for the first time at a tiny 2lbs. Feeding her through her ng tube.  Folding over preemie diapers to fit her little body. I still marvel at her.
*My MIL has been in and out of the hospital. Much like every year. This time we got a good month of her feeling well enough to go out of the house. Shes back in the hospital right now. She needs a new line put in to allow her tpn to feed her. My FIL has really been amazing. He's cranky and out of a job, but he's certainly been taking care of her 24-7
*My Cousin has been going though some infertility issues. It's not her system that is the problem but his. I think she's really jumped to the kidless depression quite quick. Though I guess 33 makes it come along quicker. My Mom keeps telling me that I should talk to her to support her and tell her what I went though. But I selfishly can't help but think who will then support me when she gets pregnant with triplets!! Mostly cause thats my kind of luck! I do want to be there for her. She came down to sit with me when I was on bedrest. She even rubbed my legs! I guess I should make a day for us alone.
*Politics still suck. I'm worried what the next years will bring. Money is tight and I certainly haven't been saving like I should. Hubby could lose his job with no notice and then what? Or house was re-assessed and well if the taxes go up anymore this may not be our residence for long. 
*And of course personally, I still battle myself with what goes on in my body. It took 3 years of treatments to have a pregnancy that I could hold onto. I was very happy with myself once my Daughter came home, I gave it a year and then I lost alot of weight. It took 2 years of "what happens happens" to become pregnant with my Son. Of course a year later and the weight came off...but it came back on too. Though that might have to do with the little over a year and "what happens happened!" but I didn't know untill I was in the mists of a loss. Yet again. I don't talk much about it...I've almost gone numb with it. I'm ok now. Just hoping when I convince the hubby that maybe one more for the road that he'll agree...and so will my uncooperative body!
WELL.. 2008 all in all a long year that went by in a flash. The year to come has many milestone birthdays as well as anniversary's and potential life changing losses. I may just go over all that I expect in another utterly long post!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Aftermath

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!
Wow was that a crazy few days! I really don't even have enough time to cover the mayhem! Christmas Eve was easy!! We did nothing. Nothing at all...cleaned up and did a little food prep. But no entertaining! Very exciting! Then my parents and siblings came down with more gifts, I was already in shock with what was put in the basement! But I guess I needed to remember that it wasn't just gifts for the kids...it was for Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Me, Hubby, and the Kids. So that would be alot
Christmas morning we woke up to little Miss yelling "he was here!!!" It was very cute. She ran in to tell us what was open and left for her brother! Of course he was up and very uncooperative during the night so the fact that he was back to sleep at 7 made me want to sleep some more!! Oh well! 
It was crazy opening. I had everyone bawling at the photo book and calendar that was made for my parents, not my plan but I guess they liked it!!
My Sister and I got each other a photo of the two of us in the exact same frame!!! Funny.
Then the rest of the family showed up...more gifts...more food...ALL GOOD!
Yesterday we headed up to my Aunts to do a bit more celebrating and then in two weeks or so we'll be doing our last party with Hubbys side of the family. Hopefully his Mother will be here to join us and not in the hospital like she is now. (she wasn't in for Christmas...just went in the day after)
Well that's all for now. I'll try to post one more time before the years end!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

"I love christmas cookies"

We have this kids book that after every page says "I love Christmas cookies" and both my husband and I have been saying it for a good week now! It is true though, and I've been baking for about a week strait, but....the love is fading! 
I am, however looking forward to Monday. Every year a friend, jerseybeachmama, (how do i link that??) and I get the kids together for some kiddie cookie baking! The kids love it. So do I. We had to cancel on Friday since it snowed here...just a few miles north of her where it just rained. I just didn't want to her chance the driving. So we're on for Monday. 
Its so cute. We often let them stamp out their names... take photos, eat too much. My little guy might be the third wheel this year. Last year he was still not mobile this year is a whole different story! 
I know. Still no photos. I haven't quite perfected this blogging. Maybe I'll try to get some pointers while the kids are wrecking the house during the cookie sugar rush! 
"I love Christmas cookies"

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

lacking technology

So as I was surfing facebook today and chatting back and forth with a good friend from highschool, I thought DAMN!!!! WHY DIDN'T I HAVE THIS WHEN I WAS IN SCHOOL?! Really. Can you imagine all the people I'd still talk to? I guess if I wanted to? But then of course, sliding doors right? Who wouldn't I have met? I remember in college, my junior year, maybe? When the college got "email". I would go to the computer lab, cause not everyone had their own, and I'd slowly connect to my email and send a message to my husband (well he wasn't my husband then!!!) at work. It was a novelty! A fun thing to do and see if it worked! I'd of course still send letters! I also remember the first plans I exclusively made over email. I thought boy I hope this is "real" as I'll look pretty stupid waiting at the mall that I never go to just to meet at a halfway point with a friend I don't get to see. As if the whole thing was fake and I was just playing a game with the computer! I'm just amazed I guess. Playing the part of old lady; ME! haha.
I'm sad I've lost contact with alot of people. I'm heading up a graduating class group on "the book" and often have to confirm people through my yearbook. I've re-read the notes we all wrote each other and am sad that I have lost touch with them, and missed so much in their lives. I am happy though that this awesome site has put me back in touch with them even if it is just to "add as a friend!"

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My reasons for hating "Jon and Kate"

I know it sounds silly. "Hate" what am I 5 years old? But everyone seems to be obsessed with this show, even my Mom!! I can't bring myself to watch the whole show. I know maybe if I did I'd enjoy it. But in all reality it's not the people in or on the show that I so called Hate. It's the premise. 
I went through a ton of infertility treatments. Ended up pregnant with triplets. And that was with a very conservative doctor. Three fertilized eggs were replaced yes, our final three actually, but only two took. One of which split into identical twins--not fully split--they shared their amniotic sac. After 4 months, surgery, loss of a baby, bed rest, constant tests, fear of total loss, then water breaking, hospital stay and finally a completely 13 week premature birth of the two babies then loss of my precious baby boy, I'm a bit bitter on the fact that they not only have twins...but now have 8 children. Or maybe more so that she was able to carry a pregnancy with 6 babies...I couldn't hold 3. I guess before that I couldn't even hold 1 so who's to complain right?
I guess bitter or jealous...I don't know. Everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame. 
Now oddly enough my neighbor went through a very similar situation as I did only she has her two boys and lost her baby girl. Completely the yin of my yang! Strange right? But she loves this show!! She claims she watches it because Kate abuses Jon. I don't know...I refuse to watch! Though we often talk about our "anger" with our losses. I guess everyone sees things differently. 
All I ask of my limited audience is take a moment to think of who you're talking to when words like "can you imagine having that many kids at once" comes flying out of your mouth! Cause some of us have imagined it...even if it blew up in our faces.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Making Christmas Bright...

Well I have to say I'm pretty much finished with shopping. And I'm happy to say that I really didn't stress or spend alot this year. Not for any reason, I didn't buy stuff on the cheep or get used items. I just didn't get alot. We all decided to take it easy this year. Just getting for the kids or doing alot of family gift pools. It made Christmas...MERRY! 
I don't have to worry about the after holiday bills...though I used a credit card, it's won't be horrid to see (still more but not YIPPES more!)
My Hubby and I are not exchanging anything more that stuff from the kids to us and so it doesn't look like Santa snubbed Mommy and Daddy!
Now of course there's the wrapping, which if my kids would sleep through the night, won't be bad and I don't doubt that the holiday dinner will probably out cost the actual gifts! But hey, it's all in good cheer!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bitter Sweet Turkey

Well Happy Belated Thanksgiving!
I'm a bit behind. I was doing well up untill now. I just having had the alone time to type anything! So Thanksgiving was good in general. We went up to my 90yr old Great Aunts house. We haven't been there in years. But with the constant reminder that this may be my Dads last of everything, he's calling the shots on where to go! And we all agree and follow. It is usually a table dead center of the living room from wall to wall and stuffed in with people, dreaded, but sort of wanted! But this year being the extra people (us) it was buffet style. Which was more comfy but just not the same. Not to mention I sat across from my Dad who is sooo skinny and sort of lost in what used to be my Great Uncles big chair. He hardly ate, and just dozed on and off. Like I said bitter sweet. My Dad was always a constant eater...he'd go back for seconds, thirds and whatever he ate while making and carving! And he's not a big man!!! Really...never over 190...ever! Now he's maybe 150. I did all I could not to melt down. It was hard. 
So past that...on our way home, my little girl said she had a belly ache...normal right?? Ate too much right??? NOPE! At about 2:30am she came in our room curled up next to my hubby and puked everywhere! Awesome. Again we still thought she ate too much. She kept it up about 4x's that night. Then in the AM she was better. Still sleepy...just not puking! Till about 5 that night. 
Now it was just a matter of time that it went through us all...and by sat night it was well on it's way. The joy of holding a 1.5 year old while he's puking and handing him off to your hubby so you can go puke then come back to take him while hubby takes his turn! Oh so fun! So much for a relaxing holiday weekend...I'm in belief that those are a myth! lol
So we're almost back to normal. A bit residual on the little guys part...but they said it would take more time for him to shake the whole bug. 
So I hope my story hasn't brought up your turkey leftovers! 

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

just step over it!

I often find myself freaking out over the amount of toys and kid crap around here. And yes I know, you say well you have kids. You're right. I know! I don't know if I wish for better organization of the toys or more storage that hides it...but I just can't seem to get rid of alot of it. And I know plenty of people that could come over here and just weed it all out for me. But I want my kids to have all the stuff they want to play. We're able to give them alot, not everything, but alot either by hand-me-downs or gifts or just on a whim. And my Mother-In-Law is notorious for commenting that we have a toy store in here, or that the kid just don't have any toys---sarcastically of course--.  But I'm sure my husband didn't grow up with a shoe string and a box to play with! And I had a playroom when growing up and we were by no means well off...or even close to it. 
So what's wrong with alot of toys? Nothing if you don't have to clean it I suppose! I'll just step over it until they out grow it all, cause by then I'll miss watching them play with it all and wish I had something to laugh about while I wonder how the doll house pieces got all the way under the real kitchen table!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Behind the Lens

So I have these frames that I seem to be collecting. I have recently been on a mission to fill and hang these around the house. I mean we've only lived here for 3+ years now. It would be nice to decorate right?!
So I have my Son in one frame, I have a great photo of my Daughter for the other and I thought to complete the collage of frames and photos I'd put a photo of my husband and I. OR NOT! I can't seem to find a photo of just us! I did find one of the four of us...and one or two of Hubby and I that my Daughter took, but they're a bit of an odd angle. So I search...back to 2004...nothing!!!!!! Ok I didn't check EVERY folder of photos...but most. And in my search of photos for the two of us...I found very very few of me! It's like I wasn't at Christmas or Thanksgiving or Birthday parties! It's like my Hubby is a single dad and this is a strange documentary of my families life?! So next event I'm handing off the camera. If the photos aren't up to what I want them to be too bad. At least it will be documented that I'm there!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

All for one...

and one for all, right?
Well in my case nope! I have to laugh about it but it does really annoy me! I some how always get roped into something that is a ton of work for me and someone else benifits, with little or no thanks involved. 
Now don't get me wrong, I'm more than happy and willing and able to help people out with whatever is with in my means... and I'm not looking for bilboards of thanks. Things just never seem to go my way! Maybe I'm too subtle or humble??? Hahaha I know this post negates the humble!
An example of what I mean. A friend of mine has a business. I stopped by the other day, and she mentioned that she needed to get some flyer's out. I being, or once being, in the business said "oh I can help you." She said that's awesome, I'll pay you to do it, I say great.  So I worked on some flyer's, nothing award winning, but I put just as much effort into that as I do anything. She says she needs to find a neon sign, I happen to know someone who does that so I recommend them....as soon as she speaks with him she calls me to tell me that he's great thanks for the contact and that he's going to do the flyer's too!!! WTF?? They're done, BY ME! She said then it won't be a bother to me!!! HELLO? I'M NOT BOTHERED IF I'M BEING PAID!!!!! I said fine, I'll pick up my design from your office. So annoying!! That's just the latest example. I guess I care too much? Sounds silly. I guess I'm angry that I worked on it and it's just getting wasted. 
Oh well. I know, lovely angry post after a few days!! 

Thursday, November 13, 2008

They multiply like rabbits!

I have to laugh. I'm not talking about people or animals...but KITCHEN CRAP!! I was attempting to clean out my closet in the kitchen when I realized I have a small appliance store in my house!! I keep most big things in the box since they come with booklets and other pieces. But holy crap! Where did they come from? I think a good portion are from my wedding. And I'm finally starting to use them, but some I've never opened! Now you'd think I'd just give up and get rid of them! BUT NO!  I'm crazy. I know. I'm going to go break out the Smore Maker...smores anyone?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Is knowing worse?

Sometimes it takes the looming aura of death to really make you think about life. This year has really done that for me. My Father was diagnosed in January with Lung Cancer.  After the initial tears, of many and many later and many more to come, I really thought of how important family is to me. I thought of all the little things that he'll be missing. Walking my Sister down the isle, seeing my Brother graduate college, watching my babies grow up. 
I started to freak out actually. Trivial, Stupid things crossed my mind about my own mortality like "if i die today, hubby will never find the bag of kid clothes for winter in the basement." Then I'd cry. I started cleaning and organizing "just in case". I didn't want anyone to have to look or stress out cause I was a messy disaster.  I'm terrified my children will not have a mother. I guess it's deflecting? I'm not a therapist, I'm just pretending I know what my crazy reactions are!
The truth is, what is killing me about my Dad is that my Babies won't have him around. And as much as I like to think he's strong and stubborn and can fight this, it's terminal. This could just be his last thanksgiving, last christmas. He turns 60 in June. Will he make it? God I hope so. 
Is it worse to know what someone is going to miss, rather than them just missing it? 
I rock my Son to sleep everynight in his room, in the dark, and cry. Much like I am right now, so I guess this post is done. Just for the record, knowing IS worse.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's not a 3 car garage!

Ok so we're lucky enough to have a 2 car garage. However, my van and my husbands truck take up a good portion of the room. My daughters cherry red mustang just doesn't fit!! I trip over it, whap my knee on it, have to climb over it to get the kids out of the car! Now I know what your thinking...'why does your 4 year old have a car?' Well it's one of those little two seat battery cars. It's adorable. I wish I had that actual car! But in the summer we drag it up from the basement and she gets to drive it around the driveway and side walk and when the boys next door break out their jeep it's like a small speedway!  We took out the screw that let it go top speed because the jeep was completely running  down the mustang (unheard of in real cars!) and now the mustang does circles around it! But it's time to put on the tarp and store it for winter! My knees need time to recover! And I'd like to walk through the garage for a bit without my mountain climbing gear!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

an inspiration

Every so often something or someone comes along to remind you of something you wanted to do or be or just give a try. Today that happened. I went to a book party for a friend that illustrated a book. When I left all I could think about was "I would be able do that." And by no means is that a slap to her for actually doing it, it's not an easy task and she is very talented. 
I graduated college with a degree in Graphic Design. I minored in photography and sculpture. Of course you probably could never tell that by meeting me. Before we moved to our current house, an well before children, alot of my work was around the house. Framed photos, a painting, even some nude statues! When we moved, I didn't even unpack them. 
When I got home today and was looking at the book, I wanted to run upstairs and dust off the paint brushes, dig out the oils and just start SOMETHING! Of course, life interuptus--dinner was to be made, kids were to be tended and bedtime happened; and here I am at the computer again!
I forgot the passion I had for the arts. I do love it. I may not have purple hair or wear black or be your "typical" artist. But at heart I'm an artist. It's just been squished up in there by all the love I now have running around my house and technically I have created what is in photos in the frames on the wall!

Friday, November 7, 2008

The gig is up!

Well it seems I've been discovered! It's about time Missy! I've actually been curbing my details to keep a certain someone guessing. Maybe I'll redesign and post up some photos now. I originally was going to keep this very anonymous so I could be evil, but I guess the whole two people that know now can read it anyway, I really don't have anything evil to say about them :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I dream of Genie vs Bewitched

With out coming off as a sci-fi or comic book nerd, I dare state this: If I were to have a super power I'd like to freeze time.
I said it would sound nerdy! I'm not saying for days. Just for a little extra time. Or to say stop the rotten pumpkin from falling out of the bag you just put it in to throw it away from falling on your new sneaker! But that's just an example.
How great would it be. You wouldn't need time travel like Genie where she's blink herself places, because  you could freeze time and not miss anything while getting there! I could freeze time to make dinner, and enjoy making it instead of shuffling the kids out of the kitchen most of the time! Of course on Bewitched it would just be a nose twitch. Well I guess that's still the winner. I'd certainly get a lot more sleep! And my children would grow up a lot slower than the are now, as would I!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I'm seriously on a rant today. I apologize those two who actually read this! 
Here's the thing. And let me re-state as I hate politics and really try to avoid the topic when I can. With the historic election last night it's really hard to completely avoid it. 
I don't like to pick a side (damn Libra's) I think a little here a little there is really "the greater good!" I'm not being wishy washy. If I had to choose I'd say I lean Republican. But even that annoys me. 
I feel I need to "voice" my opinion because a majority of my friends seem to jump all over my words with their opinions without even regarding mine! RUDE RUDE RUDE. Not everyone I know---girls neither of you! They don't even think about it. I'm just wrong. Or that's not even said, it's just disregarded! So here it is. HA You can't take that away!

*I'm pro-life but not anti-abortion. I feel the use of abortion as a birth control is wrong. I feel that the 'father' should have some say in it, even though it's the woman's body. I do, however, feel if it deems medically necessary to save the womans life, needs to be legal. Also in cases of insest and rape. Of course no one could possibly be truthful and sadly suddenly there would be a sudden rise in the reports of both just to get things done.
*I'm for gun control. Why are people dying by semi automatic weapons? Why would any hunter, homeowner, shop owner need one of these?? I'm not saying take away hunting rifles, or handguns. Just stop the wal-mart customers from having ridiculous military grade weapons.
*I think birth control should be handed out in public schools. Lets not be naive people!!!!
* I think $200,000 a year is NOT middle class. 
*I'm for the war. That's right I said it.
*I'm very annoyed with the health care system. Drs wouldn't have to charge outrageous amounts to health ins companies if they actually got paid! Or not sued over everything. So maybe I'm against lawyers? ahah

well that's all for now. 
thanks for listening. 
Feel free to comment with your beliefs. I won't judge. Just don't context it with "i disagree with your crappy opinion!" 

Reply To Sender.

Ok. Really. I get called a few times a day, even though I'm on the do not call list, by someone wanting to sell me something. Some of the calls are even for me to listen to an "important message" if I press #3 or hold on the line...or my favorite "call me at 555-5555 i have something to talk to you about." Really?? Maybe you just call me directly??
Well I have now made at least 3 inquiries for products or services . I have not heard a word or email or anything from these people! NOTHING! Things I'm willing to buy, things I've contacted them for, they didn't even have to solicit my business. What kind of business ethic is that? Did they embezzle enough money from their company that they really don't care or want any more commission? Was my potential order to much to handle? Are they all on sabbatical, all their computers and phone lines broken at the same time? Am I black listed? 
Ok, sarcasm aside. What bad business. The least they could have done is shuffle me off to someone else! 

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

village of insomniacs

I would never sit here and say either of my children are good sleepers. 
My Daughter slept though the night in her bassinette but once she was put into the crib, FOR-GET-IT! She ended up in bed with us. She's sleep for about 2hrs then wake up and I'd bring her in bed. Which really, I was fine with. We all got to sleep. She's stay out till I got up, which was sometimes later than I'd like to admit :)
We put up a "big girl bed" and she'd sleep in there more of the night but to the same result. 
Once my Son came along she wouldn't get out of our bed. If he was in there...so was she. I vowed to put him in his crib. All the time. Well he sleeps like a champ for naps. Night is another story. He sleeps till about 3 or 4 AM then I take him in bed. Only thing is once he's awake...HE's AWAKE! Chatting, slapping, trying to escape. 
This in turns wakes up the other one who also wants to join us. Now my poor husband ends up bringing her back to bed and staying there with her in her twin bed. 
I've tried to let him scream at night and he doesn't give up. He just screams. Then none of us sleep. We've also tried putting her back in bed alone and she too screams, of course neither of them do this when the other one is awake. So we all know that end  result! 
So here I sit, at unlawful hours in the AM. I don't think I've had a full, good night sleep in 5 years. Wow. I'm tired.

Monday, November 3, 2008

politics please go away!

I'm so happy it's November for one reason and one reason only...Tuesday is Election Day. Though I have my opinions I just can't wait for it to be over! I'm sick of the town hall meetings and debates and jokes and especially the horrible ads. All the news this AM has only been about what they're doing on this "last day." I just can't stand it. It seems extremely left and right sided this year. And the annoying back and forth on the vice president candidates. Well I can't say both of them. Palin. They're so worried about about McCain dropping dead in office and her being the next in line. No mention about Biden? He would be next in line too.  There are no worries about a black man being in office and the threats to his life? It's sad to say but there are still pathetic low lives out there that don't think he deserves it not for his lack experience or issues they might not agree with but because of his race. So that would leave Biden. I JUST HATE IT ALL! BE DONE!!
Who ever is our president I will honor as an American. If taxes raise, we'll have to move somewhere we can afford. If we have to switch Drs so we can keep health insurance we will. If it gets intolerable, we'll move to Canada! EH?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

the life of a secret blogger...

OK. So once again here I am. 
Something nice about no one knowing who you are or even where you may be is powerful. You can express whatever you want without any personal feelings getting hurt or having to "think first." Now granted the one person I have as a follower knows my superhero identity! And if anyone else happens to fall upon this blog they probably don't even care who I may be anyway. If they agree or find my antics amusing good for them and me! 
I do know there is one person that pops in an reads, mostly to figure out who I am. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! I have to also say I'm surprised she hasn't figured it out yet.
It is a great outlet though. And until recently I wasn't able to do this without everybody gone from the house or just getting up in the middle of the night to be alone. As a Mom you never get to finish a conversation with a friend. Well or anyone! It's always half a sentence and "hey stop that" or "where are you going?" We as Moms understand when it happens, and just move on to other half conversations and hope to piece it all together later, via blog or email or miracle! So it's nice to just express your feelings, stories, etc with out putting you child's life at steak when they're about to jump off the back of the couch and you'd rather finish telling how your son ate a crayon! Even if someone reading doesn't know who you are!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Wow. After this posted I just realized it's November!!!!!! Wow.


Wow. A crazy year indeed. I don't know why. I think it was the companies falt!!!! ahahah. Blame others...blame others....
No really. I have to say that the kids were very good. My daughter patiently waited until it was time to go out and my son gave no argument  about getting dressed up either. We headed out, took pictures and started trick or treating. 
UNTIL: We met up with the group that formed. It was madness. This could almost qualify as passive parent, not on my part, but on the part of another. A group of about 4 kids lead in running house to house and 2 trailed behind, mostly because of the Mother that just kept talking to everyone!!!!!!! Then the little ones in the wagon, for now! So the one kid of the Chatty Cathy Mom starts SCREAMING!!! "I WANT TO RING THE BELL" But he's like 2 houses behind now! The group of 4 are moving on. She just says "ok, you'll get to ring the bell" No, No he won't!! He doesn't want to walk to the house on his own and ring the bell, he wants to be with the group and ring it with all of them! So instead of skipping the houses that the group have already hit up, she drags them to the doors. He's still screaming, now THROWING his bucket of candy. She picks it up, walks on with him. REALLY? Personally I would have dragged him home. But they who would she talk to?!
Sorry. I'll stop. Halloween was very cute. My two little dressing up kids were cute and well behaved and yes....filled up to the brim with sugar!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

not so lost in the web

So I often find myself on the computer just staring. I know I've seen a million sites in magazines and ad's....but when I'm here I draw a blank. Today while "eating my bonbons" I opened up the internet and read some email.....then nothing!!! I had nothing of interest to look for! Where have all the cool sites gone?? I need those flashing banners of "hey come visit www." giving me somewhere to go! Or one of those little reminder recorders that they sell on informercials!!! After I post this I'll shut down and well close up. No fun being not so lost!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

cold and dreary day

So I've sort of been sad today. I don't really have a reason. It was cold and rainy out. I'm really tired. Who knows. Just a sad day I guess. 
It's not even winter and we've all been sick already. My daughter is sooo cranky when she sick (must get that from Daddy, hehe) and my son is in the "follow my big sister around" phase so that's fun!! 
I just finished reading a friends blog. Wow I'm not only entering blog posts I'm reading others!!!! Anyway, she made me think. I'm missing just being a Mom. Something took over me when my daughter started more days a preschool. I felt like I needed to become the organized, cleaning, perfect Mom and Housewife (wow I hate that term). But why?? My husband doesn't expect me to go back to work yet. We've talked about it, he said those exact words to me. Ok so he'd like to see dinner at least in the works...but he'll never actually say that!! He's not a neat freak so really the house is never just my issue. I just don't know what happen. I think I started to feel guilty. Which in turn made me sad. 
So I'm going to take time to smell the roses. Maybe not focus every day school is in session and the baby is sleeping on cleaning. Maybe I can find those bonbons and soap operas that people not in the stay at home mom realm seem to think goes on!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

100 years

So today would have been my Great Grandmothers 100th Birthday. She passed away in January. So today we'll have dinner with my Grandma, her daughter, my Great Aunt, her sister, and the rest of the 5 generations of us! We'll have some dinner, look through some pictures and hopefully have a nice day remembering 100 years that made Grandmas life wonderful.  

Monday, October 27, 2008

the passive parent

So we're at a halloween party this weekend. It's usually all adults and my daughter being the only kid there. So needless to say it was calm. Well last year it's been stocking up with kids! My son included. This year...holy crap!!!! There were more kids there than I'd ever want in my house! The party hostesses are expecting #1 next month. All I can say is good thing they didn't have this many kids last year!!! ahha.
Anywho the passive parent. Well their neighbors were there this time. I think 4 neighbor houses...7kids. We let them all run around outside since it wasn't raining yet and to get them out of the house...the neighbor kids were running around knocking each other down, and the smaller kids as they got in their way, screaming!!!!!!!! The parents...standing INSIDE at the door, watching and every so often knocking on the window and shaking her head!!! YEA LADY, VERY EFFECTIVE!!!! Then when it started to rain and the monsters were all forced inside (by me, i should have let them get soaked, but I wanted to salvage our friends house) the mother yet again would simply say, "oh no honey, we don't touch their china cabinet" WHAT!!!! First of all "touch" and "run full force and stop with your hands" are two different things!! Now I'm not strict, and I'm sure I've passed off a few "honey" comments too...but in someone elses house with a bunch of small kids I'm fairly aware where my children are and what they're doing!!
It's 10 O'clock lady...do you know where you're kids are????

Friday, October 24, 2008

it ain't easy being green

While I'm here I may as well talk about the "green" shopping bags. 
I love them. I don't know if I love them for the collecting factor or just cause they're colorful and cute. Of course for the environment too....I didn't forget that part. 
Anywho, So I'm at the food store and I'm just picking up a few things. Milk, cereal, ice cream. You know basic crap.  I have TWO of those little "chico bags". They're awesome. They fold up into a little pouch and have a little clip on them to just snap it onto your purse or diaper bag...or kid...whatever!! 
So the guy scans my 5 or so items and while I'm popping the bag open (a precious 4 seconds of his life) He tells me the total due, 3times!! I'm not kidding. I was taking TOO long for him. Did I mention it was 9:30 at night?? Yea...soooo busy. Whatever. So I get the two bags open and as I fill the one, and listen to the total due yet again, he asks me "so can you fit these boxes in that bag or should I bag it for you" only say it in an obnoxious tone. A giant FU to that lil snot!!!  I certainly wouldn't want you to put your higher knowledge of grocery bag filling to use on lil'ol me and bag something never the less put it in one of my "green" bags that are sold all over this stinkin store!!!!!! I ain't easy...

the drama

Isn't it funny how I can clean the house in moments. All the toys where they belong... even when it looks like a tornado came though (or my son)! Hubby could be sitting on the couch or doing something "important" and by the time he offers or is ready to help I'm done! Well yesterday hubby starts to, well lets call it clean, and all's he could do is complain about how much CRAP we have and WE should clean it out and how it's IMPOSSIBLE to put it all back!!! WTF?! Funny right?!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

it's been a while

Well I'm still here. Not that anyone is reading. I'm not a blogger, yet! I'm working on it though. Of course that does explain the month or so absence!! 
So I thought I should make this a bit more personal. Why not....no ones looking anyway! 
I'm a Stay at Home Mom. Going on 5 years now. I can't believe it. I love it though. I love being the one to raise my kids. It's really all I ever wanted. Of course it does come with the fact I went out on leave from an absoutly horrible job. Bad hours, bad commute, not a great salary but that wasn't the problem at the time! So I wanted out. Even if it wasn't to have kids!
So here I am. Two kids, dog, fish, husband!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

no tip for you

So were out to lunch and the kids were really good. I mean nop screaming or yelling on anyones part. The waitress THREW the check at the table at us!! Are you kidding me? Do you just not want a tip? Granted it wasn't a high class place or anything but really? I guess you're good with the 2.50 you make without tip!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

And so it begins

Well here it goes:
Remember the days of customer service?? Well it wasn't that long ago really. I'm not that old!! But maybe I just pay more attention now? I don't know.
But I'm at the food store (alot of my posts will probably be complaints about this!!!) and I have my son in the cart (he's 16mo) and my daughter standing there (she's 4) and I'm bagging. Now before I go any further...yes I do have reusable bags....I happened not to have them with me at the time though that is a whole different post!!!
So anyway...back to bagging. As the cashier is scanning and pushing the stuff down to the end, now I don't consider myself a "slow bagger" or a "browsing shopper" or even a "crazed coupon person", I have two kids that no longer want to be in the store and after an hour dealing with all the afore mentioned people neither do I!!! So I'm stuffing things in bags...as fast as I can and she keeps SHOVING stuff down to me! Things were starting to fall off the belt! HOLY CRAP! STOP THE BELT! Well after yelling that (yes...that was me) she stops it, but does she try to grab some stuff and put it in a bag?? NO....to busy laughing with the obnoxious teens behind me shopping for their "lock-in". Well the kicker is that now everything is done scanning and she tells me the total....and stares at me for the money! HELLO...STILL BAGGING HERE!!! PUT DOWN YOUR CELL PHONE GRAB THE FIG NEWTONS AND SHOVE THEM IN THE BAG!!! HELP ME OUT HERE~
Where did the baggers go?
How about the managers that make sure you're being "taken care of" where are they?
Self checkout...maybe that's just a better option!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's with the title?

Well hello to anyone out there! My first post will be just briefly to explain the title chosen!
Aseop's Fables. Stories told alot in the 1950's to kids by their parents in hopes to instill strong morals.
I was sitting her thinking that I'm very fed up with alot of society today and what ever happend to the 50's way of life. So I wanted to relate something back to then.....hence Aseop!