Thursday, October 30, 2008

not so lost in the web

So I often find myself on the computer just staring. I know I've seen a million sites in magazines and ad's....but when I'm here I draw a blank. Today while "eating my bonbons" I opened up the internet and read some email.....then nothing!!! I had nothing of interest to look for! Where have all the cool sites gone?? I need those flashing banners of "hey come visit www." giving me somewhere to go! Or one of those little reminder recorders that they sell on informercials!!! After I post this I'll shut down and well close up. No fun being not so lost!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

cold and dreary day

So I've sort of been sad today. I don't really have a reason. It was cold and rainy out. I'm really tired. Who knows. Just a sad day I guess. 
It's not even winter and we've all been sick already. My daughter is sooo cranky when she sick (must get that from Daddy, hehe) and my son is in the "follow my big sister around" phase so that's fun!! 
I just finished reading a friends blog. Wow I'm not only entering blog posts I'm reading others!!!! Anyway, she made me think. I'm missing just being a Mom. Something took over me when my daughter started more days a preschool. I felt like I needed to become the organized, cleaning, perfect Mom and Housewife (wow I hate that term). But why?? My husband doesn't expect me to go back to work yet. We've talked about it, he said those exact words to me. Ok so he'd like to see dinner at least in the works...but he'll never actually say that!! He's not a neat freak so really the house is never just my issue. I just don't know what happen. I think I started to feel guilty. Which in turn made me sad. 
So I'm going to take time to smell the roses. Maybe not focus every day school is in session and the baby is sleeping on cleaning. Maybe I can find those bonbons and soap operas that people not in the stay at home mom realm seem to think goes on!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

100 years

So today would have been my Great Grandmothers 100th Birthday. She passed away in January. So today we'll have dinner with my Grandma, her daughter, my Great Aunt, her sister, and the rest of the 5 generations of us! We'll have some dinner, look through some pictures and hopefully have a nice day remembering 100 years that made Grandmas life wonderful.  

Monday, October 27, 2008

the passive parent

So we're at a halloween party this weekend. It's usually all adults and my daughter being the only kid there. So needless to say it was calm. Well last year it's been stocking up with kids! My son included. This year...holy crap!!!! There were more kids there than I'd ever want in my house! The party hostesses are expecting #1 next month. All I can say is good thing they didn't have this many kids last year!!! ahha.
Anywho the passive parent. Well their neighbors were there this time. I think 4 neighbor houses...7kids. We let them all run around outside since it wasn't raining yet and to get them out of the house...the neighbor kids were running around knocking each other down, and the smaller kids as they got in their way, screaming!!!!!!!! The parents...standing INSIDE at the door, watching and every so often knocking on the window and shaking her head!!! YEA LADY, VERY EFFECTIVE!!!! Then when it started to rain and the monsters were all forced inside (by me, i should have let them get soaked, but I wanted to salvage our friends house) the mother yet again would simply say, "oh no honey, we don't touch their china cabinet" WHAT!!!! First of all "touch" and "run full force and stop with your hands" are two different things!! Now I'm not strict, and I'm sure I've passed off a few "honey" comments too...but in someone elses house with a bunch of small kids I'm fairly aware where my children are and what they're doing!!
It's 10 O'clock you know where you're kids are????

Friday, October 24, 2008

it ain't easy being green

While I'm here I may as well talk about the "green" shopping bags. 
I love them. I don't know if I love them for the collecting factor or just cause they're colorful and cute. Of course for the environment too....I didn't forget that part. 
Anywho, So I'm at the food store and I'm just picking up a few things. Milk, cereal, ice cream. You know basic crap.  I have TWO of those little "chico bags". They're awesome. They fold up into a little pouch and have a little clip on them to just snap it onto your purse or diaper bag...or kid...whatever!! 
So the guy scans my 5 or so items and while I'm popping the bag open (a precious 4 seconds of his life) He tells me the total due, 3times!! I'm not kidding. I was taking TOO long for him. Did I mention it was 9:30 at night?? Yea...soooo busy. Whatever. So I get the two bags open and as I fill the one, and listen to the total due yet again, he asks me "so can you fit these boxes in that bag or should I bag it for you" only say it in an obnoxious tone. A giant FU to that lil snot!!!  I certainly wouldn't want you to put your higher knowledge of grocery bag filling to use on lil'ol me and bag something never the less put it in one of my "green" bags that are sold all over this stinkin store!!!!!! I ain't easy...

the drama

Isn't it funny how I can clean the house in moments. All the toys where they belong... even when it looks like a tornado came though (or my son)! Hubby could be sitting on the couch or doing something "important" and by the time he offers or is ready to help I'm done! Well yesterday hubby starts to, well lets call it clean, and all's he could do is complain about how much CRAP we have and WE should clean it out and how it's IMPOSSIBLE to put it all back!!! WTF?! Funny right?!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

it's been a while

Well I'm still here. Not that anyone is reading. I'm not a blogger, yet! I'm working on it though. Of course that does explain the month or so absence!! 
So I thought I should make this a bit more personal. Why ones looking anyway! 
I'm a Stay at Home Mom. Going on 5 years now. I can't believe it. I love it though. I love being the one to raise my kids. It's really all I ever wanted. Of course it does come with the fact I went out on leave from an absoutly horrible job. Bad hours, bad commute, not a great salary but that wasn't the problem at the time! So I wanted out. Even if it wasn't to have kids!
So here I am. Two kids, dog, fish, husband!