Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Gremlin is TWO!

My baby boy turned TWO!!! How dare he!! Where does the time go? I remember this moment like it was yesterday...not two years and a day ago. 
He's amazing. So happy and funny. Of course he fights with his sister like it's his job, which I guess it is! He's got this crazy curly hair. It needs to be cut but I just can't bare to do it yet. He's talking all the time, even it if it's not quite understandable yet! He's a bit of a scaredy cat too...but it's cute. I think I'll keep him! I'm certainly not sending him back...that space has been rented! haha.
Oh babies are getting old. My Little Miss will be 5 in a month. Damn. That one super power I'd want....Freeze time.

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