Sunday, February 20, 2011

Holy Vomit Batman!!

Well well. Here I am again. So we got swindled into going up to celebrate my Father in laws birthday and of course my SIL and BIL too, since they are a week apart and god forbid we don't have 3 special cakes...sorry off subject, so we're there and my nephew comes in all clingy and un friendly attached to his Mother. He separates enough from her to say "I have to go to the bathroom" AND THEN IT STARTS! He's messed his pants, they get put in the biggie right. He's 4. It happens. Then it happens again, and again. So nahhh he's not sick. There's not 3 other kids there, a 94yr old and a woman who is a sort of science experiment that she's even alive. But bring on the gastro disaster.
My BIL and his boring finance then complain that they always get sick from my Nephew. (not like this will impede their participation in any family events, as I haven't seen her since I think Easter?)
So we all go home after being properly smoked.
We find out that the Nephew has started throwing up. Day later, BIL and boring are sick. Grandpa is sick. CRAP!!!!!!!
Down goes the little man, then the little monster then Daddy. One day clear of vomit, not of gastro issues but hey. Little Man comes home from school with hives, odd. We ask if the Nephew got hives too--nope. Down goes Mommy. Bring little man to dr and she sends us for blood work as hives look like some after effect gastro infection. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF me. One day clear. Down goes the princess. PLEASE LET US BE DONE!!!
So the little man still gets the hives. He's ok. Blood work fine for now. Just needs to be monitored for a bit.
SO, you tell me. Everyone else got the gastro part AFTER the vomit. Was the nephew sick before he showed up for the big birthday bash????? I think so. Not to mention the very defensive comments from my SIL on the subject!

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MicheleLPearce said...

Oh poor Kellie! We had it too -- it was HORRIBLE! The kids didn't get too sick but I was praying for death for 24 hours. Glad you pulled through. I HATE people that bring children to functions fully knowing that they are ill! My SIL does it all the time!!!! GRRRRR.