Sunday, February 27, 2011

Where did my Husband Go?

Family is a funny thing. We all know that. So since neither of our families are "around the corner" it's usually a day event for us to see them. I mean they're not states away or anything but an hour drive. So we're in the middle of planning a vacation, with my family. So my sister wanted to come down, her car needed to be put in the shop so I was going to meet her on the parkway. Of course this takes planning beyond my families ability so I just went up and got her, had lunch with Grandma--which makes her day--and drove home in time to get the Princess from school. All the while my DH was home "working" from home. Yea. Or shall we revisit the "sitting at the kitchen table in the middle of the house on his computer talking on the phone" from home. So I was happy to get out.
So my sister is here. My Mom is coming down too (SURPRISE). But she suddenly has dinner plans and won't be down till late. Awesome. Now to my sister, my DH may as well be her big brother. DH and I have been together since she was 9. So it's no biggie, he rags on her like any big brother would be expected to do.
Where is this going you ask....of Sat AM after a long night with my Monster being a terror of not sleeping, I get to catch an extra hour as the other three adults tend to the kiddies. Which leave DH alone with then all! LOL. As soon as I'm awake. HEs GONE!
He went up to shower and then was gone for.....hours!! We watched a movie-Mega Mind which was really funny BTW--had lunch, played....still gone! I finally found him sitting in our bedroom watching the Yankee game!! I walked into him with a big grin on his face!
Hiding. Brat.
Vacation may be interesting...he better not disappear! Esp since my brother will be there too! Crap, I may need to put a tracker on him.

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