Friday, February 10, 2012


Well helllllloooo. It's me. The once a year blogger, last entry May 11! lol. Yea I'm still here. Figured it's a month into the new year and I'd say hi!
I'm just kidding. Sort of, I don't sit on the computer much and when I do its usually to make something for Girl Scouts! Where it goes very underapreciated. But at least I feel good about it right?
Update from last pathetic blog....I'm still running. I do enjoy it but it's become one of those thing to make me feel guilty when I don't do. Add it to the list right? So I'm signed up for a race a month for now till May. Then I guess I'll look into some more. I really like them even thought the nerves are unexplainable before the race. And the demons that say "are you out of your f-in mind" always show up!!!! I did join a gym but it's hard to get the kids there with me--middle guy hates it though he does go---and then i try to go at night but feel **guilty** for leaving the hubby home alone while the kids are asleep when it's the only time it seems sane enough to talk at home! When I'm there I think yea I'll be back every day this must be the state of delusion i'm in while running in place! Lack of oxygen or something!
Hmm house looks like toys r us blew up and they didn't want to clean the reckage. Another ***guilty*** issue. Why can't I clean this sh*t hole up?! June Clever I am NOT.
Money...ugh that has been a big one. Where does it all go?? I'm not a huge shopper. I don't wear fancy clothes or do anything extravagant. I don't think I need to add in the feeling I have know...the my bringing no income and we have no money verdict! ****GUILTY**** yea i did it anyway!
I'm stuck in a wierd rut. Anyone feel that way?
A small awesome tidbit, for xmas we got a heating blanket....I may be in love. I set it when the kids go to bed and when I finally climb in it's nice an toasty.....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Of course the youngest climbs in around 1am and the middle wakes around 3 where hubby goes to his room to sleep out the last 3hours till he has to get up. Hey...more blanket for me :)

TTFN. I may be back. (get it MAY)

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