Wednesday, October 29, 2008

cold and dreary day

So I've sort of been sad today. I don't really have a reason. It was cold and rainy out. I'm really tired. Who knows. Just a sad day I guess. 
It's not even winter and we've all been sick already. My daughter is sooo cranky when she sick (must get that from Daddy, hehe) and my son is in the "follow my big sister around" phase so that's fun!! 
I just finished reading a friends blog. Wow I'm not only entering blog posts I'm reading others!!!! Anyway, she made me think. I'm missing just being a Mom. Something took over me when my daughter started more days a preschool. I felt like I needed to become the organized, cleaning, perfect Mom and Housewife (wow I hate that term). But why?? My husband doesn't expect me to go back to work yet. We've talked about it, he said those exact words to me. Ok so he'd like to see dinner at least in the works...but he'll never actually say that!! He's not a neat freak so really the house is never just my issue. I just don't know what happen. I think I started to feel guilty. Which in turn made me sad. 
So I'm going to take time to smell the roses. Maybe not focus every day school is in session and the baby is sleeping on cleaning. Maybe I can find those bonbons and soap operas that people not in the stay at home mom realm seem to think goes on!!


Donna said...

Let's make a plan to sit with our feet up eating bon-bons one afternoon while the kiddies are in school and the babies are asleep!

What IS a bon-bon, anyhow?
If it's chocolate, I'm totally in!!

Peggy Sue said...

Deal! It's a Chocolate covered drop of ice cream! I don't know if they're even still around...I do know they make "dibs" now. Those will do too!