Monday, October 27, 2008

the passive parent

So we're at a halloween party this weekend. It's usually all adults and my daughter being the only kid there. So needless to say it was calm. Well last year it's been stocking up with kids! My son included. This year...holy crap!!!! There were more kids there than I'd ever want in my house! The party hostesses are expecting #1 next month. All I can say is good thing they didn't have this many kids last year!!! ahha.
Anywho the passive parent. Well their neighbors were there this time. I think 4 neighbor houses...7kids. We let them all run around outside since it wasn't raining yet and to get them out of the house...the neighbor kids were running around knocking each other down, and the smaller kids as they got in their way, screaming!!!!!!!! The parents...standing INSIDE at the door, watching and every so often knocking on the window and shaking her head!!! YEA LADY, VERY EFFECTIVE!!!! Then when it started to rain and the monsters were all forced inside (by me, i should have let them get soaked, but I wanted to salvage our friends house) the mother yet again would simply say, "oh no honey, we don't touch their china cabinet" WHAT!!!! First of all "touch" and "run full force and stop with your hands" are two different things!! Now I'm not strict, and I'm sure I've passed off a few "honey" comments too...but in someone elses house with a bunch of small kids I'm fairly aware where my children are and what they're doing!!
It's 10 O'clock you know where you're kids are????

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