Friday, October 24, 2008

it ain't easy being green

While I'm here I may as well talk about the "green" shopping bags. 
I love them. I don't know if I love them for the collecting factor or just cause they're colorful and cute. Of course for the environment too....I didn't forget that part. 
Anywho, So I'm at the food store and I'm just picking up a few things. Milk, cereal, ice cream. You know basic crap.  I have TWO of those little "chico bags". They're awesome. They fold up into a little pouch and have a little clip on them to just snap it onto your purse or diaper bag...or kid...whatever!! 
So the guy scans my 5 or so items and while I'm popping the bag open (a precious 4 seconds of his life) He tells me the total due, 3times!! I'm not kidding. I was taking TOO long for him. Did I mention it was 9:30 at night?? Yea...soooo busy. Whatever. So I get the two bags open and as I fill the one, and listen to the total due yet again, he asks me "so can you fit these boxes in that bag or should I bag it for you" only say it in an obnoxious tone. A giant FU to that lil snot!!!  I certainly wouldn't want you to put your higher knowledge of grocery bag filling to use on lil'ol me and bag something never the less put it in one of my "green" bags that are sold all over this stinkin store!!!!!! I ain't easy...

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