Thursday, October 30, 2008

not so lost in the web

So I often find myself on the computer just staring. I know I've seen a million sites in magazines and ad's....but when I'm here I draw a blank. Today while "eating my bonbons" I opened up the internet and read some email.....then nothing!!! I had nothing of interest to look for! Where have all the cool sites gone?? I need those flashing banners of "hey come visit www." giving me somewhere to go! Or one of those little reminder recorders that they sell on informercials!!! After I post this I'll shut down and well close up. No fun being not so lost!


Donna said...

Hey Peg - here is a great solution:
Signup free and download the tool bar. StumbleUpon discovers web sites based on your interests, learns what you like and brings you more!!
Happy Surfing!! And enjoy your Halloween festivities!

beach mama said...

I do the same thing and sit at the computer and wish for something to look up. Especially when I have a free minute. Thanks for the new site Donna.

BTW, who are you Peggy Sue? LOL! How do you know that the Baby looks like Hubby? I've never posted a picture of him. I can't figure out who you are! hahahaha
email me

Peggy Sue said...

Thanks Donna!! Sounds like something to help get me lost!