Monday, January 24, 2011

bound to happen

Well it was bound to happen someday. Got the news today that friends of mine are expecting triplets. I knew she was pregnant but today we got the done up jpeg with the cute little peapods form TS3.
I suck. I mean really. Here's the problem. This particular couple I have known for years. We all worked together right out of college. They met at married....and it's been a few years now so I was sort of speculating what was going on. Now having gone through the amount of infertility treatments I did, and the losses we endured---triplets--- you would think they might maybe reach out to me...or at least give me a little heads up....or maybe not send me the f'in cartoon announcement!!!!!!! Ok I know I'm not the center of anyone (other than my family) life...but COME ON!!! That's just rude.
When I responded to her Oh So Cute email I say congrats because I am really happy for them, but also because I've learned to just bite my tongue and cry in my pillow. So in response I write "Congrats I'm so happy for you guys. Please don't take my lack of contact in any way of not being happy for you, it just reminds me of our past situation" Best I could do. So her email back to me...."Thanks, I'm feeling great!" WTF?!!!! Still no acknowledgement? Whatever.
Unfortunately for me we have too many ties to just drop out of their radar. However they never seem to make an effort to come see me and I rarely see them. It will just be a bombardment of photos and cutsie comments from now till....forever. UGH.
As I keep reminding myself to protect my heart from the constant pain of that loss....I have three beautiful children. All miracles.....all healthy. I'll be repeteing this through the sniffles all day and with each comment I'll be getting smacked in the face with forever.


beach mama said...

huge HUGE ((hugs))
Call me if you need to talk or vent or just cry. And just pray that your friends don't have to go through the same horror you had to endure.
Maybe she is so SO scared because she saw what happened to you guys and can't face the fact that any thing bad could happen to her babies.
*and you don't suck. <3
Just kiss the heads of the 3 little munchkins you have been blessed with. Love you.

Donna said...

I think when some people don't know how to act in difficult situations they just do nothing. But kind of a sucky thing to do to someone who is a friend. Just do your best to rise up and be the better person, be thankful everyday for what you have and know that the losses you have endured made you a stronger person. Sending (((hugs)) your way!!!

Wish I'd read this Google reader is a bit backed up!

MicheleLPearce said...

Just for the record I think you are one of the strongest, most amazing women (and Moms) that I know! Donna is right, sometimes when people don't know what to say they just say nothing -- not sayin' it's right -- just sayin'. I pray for your comfort and that your tears are short lived. Look at those three amazing babies you've got and let them wipe those tears away! ((HUGS))