Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Resolution Time!

OK. New. Happy Post!
Well maybe not birds chirping critters following cartoon happy! But none the less happy! ha!
So I was watching Oprah last night. It was all about how she fell off the wagon, and she was really honest, though it still sounded "poor me" which is hard to relate to Oprah! But...It was alot about putting yourself on the "list". You know the to do list. Laundry, Floors, Food shopping...ME! haha.
Hubby was on the computer while I was watching and folding laundry. I wonder if any sunk in to him...that I really don't do much for me. We'll see!
So this year, Oprah and I (heeeheee), are putting ourselves on the list! 
I tend to run around like a crazy woman while lil Miss is at school and lil Gremlin (my baby boys new nickname) is sleeping. Instead I think I'll do some things---I don't want to seem lazy--then I'll sit and read, or email, or god forbid EXERCISE! ha. 
I would really like to get healthy. And yea of course lose that pesky weight, but first healthy. I don't want to eat the crappy foods anymore. Over the holidays I went hogwild since it was everywhere I turned. But I felt horrible, bloated, my skin turned on me, uck
I want to get out more. Not party out, but just out. Walk around the block if it's not frigid! Go to the Mall, Meet up with friends, Visit family. Maybe not doing any of these over food would be helpful!!
I'd really really like to get into the city with the kids and see some of the museums. It's something I love and I want my kiddies to love it too.
I want to stop thinking doing the dishes or putting away laundry is more important at the time than playing a game with lil Miss---even if I despise puzzles! 
WELL that's a good start. I could go on forever really. Baby steps. I'm going to progress on these first...then I'll add.

PS: I need to jazz up this blog....JBM I need some help over here!!!

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beach mama said...

oh i like the name gremlin. fits so nicely! lol. i need to find some new nicknames for the boys. i am getting sick of the Kid and the Baby. And the Baby won't be baby forever. Have any suggestions?
As for your page:
Go to customize on the top of your page and hit 'pick your template'. There are all kinds of templates and some have different colors.

You should join the running class with me on Sunday mornings starting in April. It's close to where you do the walk each year for the babies. I'll send you the link.