Saturday, January 17, 2009

under the influence

So lately my lil'Miss has been coming out with some doozies! She tells me things "freaked her out" and "that's insane" like she's Crazy Eddie! ha.
Sometimes her little attitude shocks me. I believe it's under the influence of some of her school friends. One particular girl (we'll call her E), lives close, and she's the oldest of 4 girls. And yes...she's 4! Ok just about 5, but do the math. Anywho she's very....vocal? And opinionated? I'm not sure how to else to say it...precocious. You might snap judge and say "brat", but being 3 other kids in the house 3,1,and new. I'm not sure brat is fair. Anyway...
When lil'Miss is around E alot she comes home with her personality. UGH. I don't have the tolerance for that AT ALL! Now I love E's family...but everyone raises their children differently and I'm not about to go tell them their daughter needs an attitude adjustment! Even if she does! If lil'Miss yelled at me like I've seen E yell back at her parents (yes again...4yrold) I'd have a tough time holding back my hand. And I'm not a spanker nor a spanking threat person. 
It's funny how kids copy other people. I've seen both of my monkeys copy myself. Lil'Miss talks to the lil'Gremlin like I speak to him which is absolutely adorable! I've also seen the lil' Gremlin copy my hand motions while I'm doing just about everything! I guess that's how they learn...but it's still funny..and scary! How do you stop the influence you don't want when it's likely you kids will be across the street from each other through high school (unless they raise the taxes again then we're all screwed!)? Lets just hope eventually they fall into different groups and they're just friendly not BBF's!

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