Monday, January 12, 2009

Movin' and Shakin'

Wow. This month is already on the move!!! School is back in session, all, and I mean ALL, of the holiday parties are finished! I just wanted to drop in and say howdy!  
I noticed that I had a few bills hanging around and I though oh no!!!! But luckily I knew that things would get crazy and had them all ready to go! That is one very very nice thing about online banking! I used to swear by my checks...but with all the chaos now..piles of mail and TOYS hop on the computer and do the bills...phew!
I did manage to change my page a little. Nothing exciting. I have to get some photos on my laptop so I can start putting them on here. I'm not sure how or who will be the first! 
Can I just say the lil Gremlin was exactly that today!! He wouldn't stop climbing onto his toys, chairs, couch, name it his leg was trying to flip himself over onto it! 
Well that's it for my mindless rambling
Hope all is well in cyberspace!

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beach mama said...

I likey the new page!