Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dreams do come true?

So I've been having the strangest dreams lately! From having a garage sale to get rid of all our stuff...I mean flying a jet plane! I don't know if it's lack of sleep which gives me lack of time to make sense and random images just form a dream!!!! Or maybe my brain is actually broken!! Like it's glitching out! Skipping vital information! Then the alarm clock goes off...I mean the Gremlin is screaming... and the strange images stop. 
I've always had vivid dreams. I also had those recurring dreams...ever since I can actually remember. I know people always say they have a bit of the 6th sense in them, and I guess I'm one of them but I seem to know when something is wrong. I knew when my great uncle died, I knew when my sister was brought to the hospital, though they were all dreams with references to them and something that related to the situation. But the most vivid dream or flashes I had was of my son dying. And when it happened, it was right on spot. Down to the blanket. was horrifying
But I digress...
So do dreams come true?? I hope not, I'm not a fan of flying!

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