Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day

Even as I typed the label in for this I laughed a bit thinking Valentines Day is a holiday. It's nice to remind yourself, your spouse, anyone really about the love you have for them, but a holiday?? I'm still questioning that! We only exchange cards. We gave the kids a little something but we didn't exchange. I'm fine with that. I don't want to spend the extra money...besides I enjoyed the Chinese food we got to treat ourselves to! 
I am reminded that 12 years ago today Hubby "popped the question." It was really sweet. We were only in our apartment for 2 weeks. I had a basketball game to coach and we drove up to it and he dropped me off and little known to me, drove over to my parents to "ask for my hand" from my Dad. 
I mean I knew we'd get married. I just didn't know when the official things would happen! I was very surprised. 
We got home had a nice dinner that we cooked, sat down to exchange gifts and he gave me this strange box (not a ring box), I looked at him like oh god what did you get?! As I opened it he got down on one knee! So cute. 
We were married a year and 10 months later! Hey man we needed time to save!! But I'm happy we paid for it even though it hurt at the time! I'll never have to hear "we paid for your wedding" not that either of our families are in the position to do that anyway!
So this year is 10 years for us. 

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