Tuesday, February 3, 2009

At some point...

At some point my body may just pass out. Seriously. I of course expected it when the kids were babies. But 4.5 and 1.5? I actually know people that kiss their kids on the head...give them a squeeze...plop them in bed or crib....turn off the light...and leave. AND THE KIDS GO TO BED! ALL NIGHT! I think they may drug them? That's my theory anyway. 
Little Miss was doing sooooo well. We'd still have to lay with her to go to sleep but a little nap at 8 never hurt any of us! But she's stay in bed and just join us or me in the early AM. Fine. While I was prego with the Gremlin, Lil Miss slowly joined us earlier and earlier. The once Gremlin was here she wouldn't leave! And quite frankly being up every 2 hours I didn't care where she was as long as she was asleep. It's not like I was laying there anyway! To get her out was hard...Hubby has spent alot of time sleeping in a twin bed with her. It did get better. And for the most part she stays there now...last night she didn't. 
No I do believe the Gremlin my have some ear issue going on again. He doesn't sleep well when that is happening. I've either gotten him at 3 and dealt with him rolling back and forth between us all night or slept in the guest room...or in the chair depending on how fast the me to him sleeping happened! haha. I'm just tired. Worn out. More so than I was when he was a baby. It's like my body said...hey....I gave you a year....now get some stinking rest!!! And I'm not a napper. I can't just lay down at 2:30 and take a snooze. I didn't do that when either of them were little. It  never happened with the Gremlin because Lil Miss must take after me and doesn't nap either! 
So this is my delirious post. I probably talked in circles...I just don't care. All I ask is those people with the "kid sleeping all night" drugs send me some!!! Please. I've served my time!!

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beach mama said...

And when you find those drugs please send some over to me for the Baby.
I fell asleep in the chair again. From 2-7 this time. And when I woke I was in SO much pain. I need one of those neck pillows! LOL!

I don't mind the not sleeping, I know he's only 4 months old and that just comes with the territory...but the screaming!! ugh. I wouldn't mind staying up and watching a laughing infant. He will be sound asleep I'll put him down and he'll scream and I pick him up and he passes back out in my arms. WTF?!?! We did that 5 times before I passed out in the chair.
Hope your little monsters start to sleep soon. Luckily the Kid does pretty well...but we'll see what happens when we move upstairs and he's not in our room anymore.