Thursday, February 19, 2009

Man Baby

So the Hubby has not been feeling well for...oh about a week or so now. Maybe less...feels like more. What is it with Men that they can not deal with anything? Every little ache or sniffle I had to not only hear about it but try and figure out what it was!! At some point I said stop asking me I'm not a doctor!!! Not to mention if I'm sick before hand it's my fault and his is much worse! And if I'm sick after he had the same thing only worse! WTF! He's been in bed by 9 the past 3 nights...sleeping alone in OUR bed while I deal with the children that don't sleep and he just "can't deal " with anything else. So if I'm sick I was told it's my fault if I don't complain enough! I told him nobody listens or cares if I have a problem so I don't bother anymore! He just have me a look and a sniffle and laid down. MAN BABY!

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