Friday, February 6, 2009


So this Sunday I will be off to AC BABY! My Moms office is doing a fundraiser for my Dad. My Dad won't be able to go. It's a fairly long ride and then alot of walking. I said I'd push him around but my Mom thinks the ride is what's going to be too much. I guess. I wish he could go. My brother is all po'ed too since he'll be 21 NEXT week! hahah. But at least there is someone to stay with Dad. 
I've been to AC one other time. I took my Mom down for her 50th Birthday. It was fun. This time we're taking a bus! I'm going with them and a friend of mine, my college roommate, is going too! I'm so excited. I really haven't done anything for a whole day with out the kids or the husband in a really long time...or at all since kids! Crazy. I don't know what I'm going to do! Screw the slots or cards!! I'm going to be so happy to just be out!! I hope hubby survives the day. Of course he'll be headed up to his parents house. (like every male left alone with kids) Only this is for his fathers birthday and his brother and sisters 30th birthday dinner. They're going out, thanks to grandpa, then back to the smoke house for cake. I've already voiced my "don't keep the kids in that smoke crap house for too long" opinion. We'll see how that works. He has that major guilt from his Mother about not being there...even without her saying it. But my MIL and FIL both smoke....constantly!! The house stinks. And in turn you stink! ANYWHO...
Back to AC! I hope everything goes well and I'm not reminded of this day away every time I want to go somewhere!! We'll see!

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beach mama said...

Have a great time!!! Lucky Duck! Wish I could be there!!
Hubby is working today so I may go out to my dad's.
At least its a nice day, maybe your hubby will have them outside the smokey house in the yard for a while.