Sunday, January 2, 2011


Well it's here...time to make some promises like the suits!
No really. I've been thinking about it, I am usually good for the ol'standby of Lose Weight, Be know typical things.
This Year, hmmmm. I don't know. I mean last year was relatively quiet. Not in my house I mean. And well you would be able to tell if I didn't sneak off and write my life away somewhere else...which I deleted before I even thought to just stick the link here (!!!!) But I mean, no births...., no deaths...., no tragic things. I'm very great full.
Last year I actually accomplished something for myself. Something I never thought I'd do, something I actually despised!!!!
I ran~ and ran alot~
I started in September with a class for Moms. The end goal was a 5mile run (it had a cause, not one I was overly interested in but hey...if I'm paying it might as well go to someone!). Before the class started but AFTER I paid up all's I could think of was WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING? Really, you're not a runner. Nope. Never. Basketball-yup, Volleyball-hell yea, Softball-sure, RUN--NOPE! hahaah. So I trucked on. Trained during the week and gave it my all each and every weekend. BAM 5 Miles!! 52minutes. I was really just so proud of myself. I hopped on a few 5k's after that.
So this year, I'm just not sure what's in store! I'm on the get you're butt organized kick but we'll see. I'm not promising anything! As for a "resolution" I'd just like to relax and enjoy my babies while they're still enjoying me.
Happy New Year!

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Donna said...

I say: Keep Running!! :)