Thursday, January 6, 2011

Moving right along!

Hello again.
Look at me go...two in a row! Sorry, I couldn't resist!
I was full of energy today--or full of pepsi max! Whatever it let me get a good amount accomplished anyway. I got the laundry AWAY which is big, I had all the Daisy GirlScout meeting stuff ready to roll out the door with me, dinner in the crock pot by noon, dishes done! Go me! Productive and yet not stressful day!
Now as long as this snow doesn't hit we'll be able to have our family xmas/new year party on Saturday and the hubby won't be all annoyed that it was cancelled. Schools up north are already closing the doors for tomorrow WTH??? With all the suv's and 4x4's out there why are there more snow days? Whatever. The town did a crappy job plowing THAT RIGHT I SAID IT TOWN!!! When I had to shovel 5 extra feet into the street to be able to reach open road that 's a problem. Oh and it's what a week, wait more, later and the street to the schools are still only one lane! Don't mind my 10k in taxes...I'm sure it's doing something else for the town right?!
Sorry, I digress...
So what am I going to do with all these new found toys and gizmo's?? Little Miss is at the age when all her new things are too small to be left around for the Monster that will eat them. I know get rid of some stuff. I agree, but easier said then done.
Till next time!

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