Sunday, December 21, 2008

"I love christmas cookies"

We have this kids book that after every page says "I love Christmas cookies" and both my husband and I have been saying it for a good week now! It is true though, and I've been baking for about a week strait, but....the love is fading! 
I am, however looking forward to Monday. Every year a friend, jerseybeachmama, (how do i link that??) and I get the kids together for some kiddie cookie baking! The kids love it. So do I. We had to cancel on Friday since it snowed here...just a few miles north of her where it just rained. I just didn't want to her chance the driving. So we're on for Monday. 
Its so cute. We often let them stamp out their names... take photos, eat too much. My little guy might be the third wheel this year. Last year he was still not mobile this year is a whole different story! 
I know. Still no photos. I haven't quite perfected this blogging. Maybe I'll try to get some pointers while the kids are wrecking the house during the cookie sugar rush! 
"I love Christmas cookies"

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beach mama said...

I love Christmas cookies!
We had a blast today. Thanks for letting us make the mess at your house, if you want we can make the mess here next year!
The boys are both fast asleep. Hope yours crash too!!!