Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bitter Sweet Turkey

Well Happy Belated Thanksgiving!
I'm a bit behind. I was doing well up untill now. I just having had the alone time to type anything! So Thanksgiving was good in general. We went up to my 90yr old Great Aunts house. We haven't been there in years. But with the constant reminder that this may be my Dads last of everything, he's calling the shots on where to go! And we all agree and follow. It is usually a table dead center of the living room from wall to wall and stuffed in with people, dreaded, but sort of wanted! But this year being the extra people (us) it was buffet style. Which was more comfy but just not the same. Not to mention I sat across from my Dad who is sooo skinny and sort of lost in what used to be my Great Uncles big chair. He hardly ate, and just dozed on and off. Like I said bitter sweet. My Dad was always a constant eater...he'd go back for seconds, thirds and whatever he ate while making and carving! And he's not a big man!!! Really...never over 190...ever! Now he's maybe 150. I did all I could not to melt down. It was hard. 
So past that...on our way home, my little girl said she had a belly ache...normal right?? Ate too much right??? NOPE! At about 2:30am she came in our room curled up next to my hubby and puked everywhere! Awesome. Again we still thought she ate too much. She kept it up about 4x's that night. Then in the AM she was better. Still sleepy...just not puking! Till about 5 that night. 
Now it was just a matter of time that it went through us all...and by sat night it was well on it's way. The joy of holding a 1.5 year old while he's puking and handing him off to your hubby so you can go puke then come back to take him while hubby takes his turn! Oh so fun! So much for a relaxing holiday weekend...I'm in belief that those are a myth! lol
So we're almost back to normal. A bit residual on the little guys part...but they said it would take more time for him to shake the whole bug. 
So I hope my story hasn't brought up your turkey leftovers! 

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