Wednesday, December 17, 2008

lacking technology

So as I was surfing facebook today and chatting back and forth with a good friend from highschool, I thought DAMN!!!! WHY DIDN'T I HAVE THIS WHEN I WAS IN SCHOOL?! Really. Can you imagine all the people I'd still talk to? I guess if I wanted to? But then of course, sliding doors right? Who wouldn't I have met? I remember in college, my junior year, maybe? When the college got "email". I would go to the computer lab, cause not everyone had their own, and I'd slowly connect to my email and send a message to my husband (well he wasn't my husband then!!!) at work. It was a novelty! A fun thing to do and see if it worked! I'd of course still send letters! I also remember the first plans I exclusively made over email. I thought boy I hope this is "real" as I'll look pretty stupid waiting at the mall that I never go to just to meet at a halfway point with a friend I don't get to see. As if the whole thing was fake and I was just playing a game with the computer! I'm just amazed I guess. Playing the part of old lady; ME! haha.
I'm sad I've lost contact with alot of people. I'm heading up a graduating class group on "the book" and often have to confirm people through my yearbook. I've re-read the notes we all wrote each other and am sad that I have lost touch with them, and missed so much in their lives. I am happy though that this awesome site has put me back in touch with them even if it is just to "add as a friend!"

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