Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My reasons for hating "Jon and Kate"

I know it sounds silly. "Hate" what am I 5 years old? But everyone seems to be obsessed with this show, even my Mom!! I can't bring myself to watch the whole show. I know maybe if I did I'd enjoy it. But in all reality it's not the people in or on the show that I so called Hate. It's the premise. 
I went through a ton of infertility treatments. Ended up pregnant with triplets. And that was with a very conservative doctor. Three fertilized eggs were replaced yes, our final three actually, but only two took. One of which split into identical twins--not fully split--they shared their amniotic sac. After 4 months, surgery, loss of a baby, bed rest, constant tests, fear of total loss, then water breaking, hospital stay and finally a completely 13 week premature birth of the two babies then loss of my precious baby boy, I'm a bit bitter on the fact that they not only have twins...but now have 8 children. Or maybe more so that she was able to carry a pregnancy with 6 babies...I couldn't hold 3. I guess before that I couldn't even hold 1 so who's to complain right?
I guess bitter or jealous...I don't know. Everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame. 
Now oddly enough my neighbor went through a very similar situation as I did only she has her two boys and lost her baby girl. Completely the yin of my yang! Strange right? But she loves this show!! She claims she watches it because Kate abuses Jon. I don't know...I refuse to watch! Though we often talk about our "anger" with our losses. I guess everyone sees things differently. 
All I ask of my limited audience is take a moment to think of who you're talking to when words like "can you imagine having that many kids at once" comes flying out of your mouth! Cause some of us have imagined it...even if it blew up in our faces.

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