Tuesday, November 25, 2008

just step over it!

I often find myself freaking out over the amount of toys and kid crap around here. And yes I know, you say well you have kids. You're right. I know! I don't know if I wish for better organization of the toys or more storage that hides it...but I just can't seem to get rid of alot of it. And I know plenty of people that could come over here and just weed it all out for me. But I want my kids to have all the stuff they want to play. We're able to give them alot, not everything, but alot either by hand-me-downs or gifts or just on a whim. And my Mother-In-Law is notorious for commenting that we have a toy store in here, or that the kid just don't have any toys---sarcastically of course--.  But I'm sure my husband didn't grow up with a shoe string and a box to play with! And I had a playroom when growing up and we were by no means well off...or even close to it. 
So what's wrong with alot of toys? Nothing if you don't have to clean it I suppose! I'll just step over it until they out grow it all, cause by then I'll miss watching them play with it all and wish I had something to laugh about while I wonder how the doll house pieces got all the way under the real kitchen table!


beach mama said...

ugh! My mom does the 'the Kid has too many toys' all the time.
I can't wait to have a play room to put them in.
Of course, my brother just got back from Bangkok and he was floored by all the toys here. He said he saw kids all happy playing with rocks. Talk about some guilt. I told him to take some of the Kid's toys with him next time!

Peggy Sue said...

ah. the grass is always greener...or the dirt is apparently!