Friday, November 21, 2008

Behind the Lens

So I have these frames that I seem to be collecting. I have recently been on a mission to fill and hang these around the house. I mean we've only lived here for 3+ years now. It would be nice to decorate right?!
So I have my Son in one frame, I have a great photo of my Daughter for the other and I thought to complete the collage of frames and photos I'd put a photo of my husband and I. OR NOT! I can't seem to find a photo of just us! I did find one of the four of us...and one or two of Hubby and I that my Daughter took, but they're a bit of an odd angle. So I search...back to 2004...nothing!!!!!! Ok I didn't check EVERY folder of photos...but most. And in my search of photos for the two of us...I found very very few of me! It's like I wasn't at Christmas or Thanksgiving or Birthday parties! It's like my Hubby is a single dad and this is a strange documentary of my families life?! So next event I'm handing off the camera. If the photos aren't up to what I want them to be too bad. At least it will be documented that I'm there!

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beach mama said...

hahahaha! I know! I have a few of me and the boys and a few of Hubby and the boys, but NONE of all 4 of us. I think my mom took one on her camera at the hospital, but I haven't gotten it yet. :P