Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I'm seriously on a rant today. I apologize those two who actually read this! 
Here's the thing. And let me re-state as I hate politics and really try to avoid the topic when I can. With the historic election last night it's really hard to completely avoid it. 
I don't like to pick a side (damn Libra's) I think a little here a little there is really "the greater good!" I'm not being wishy washy. If I had to choose I'd say I lean Republican. But even that annoys me. 
I feel I need to "voice" my opinion because a majority of my friends seem to jump all over my words with their opinions without even regarding mine! RUDE RUDE RUDE. Not everyone I know---girls neither of you! They don't even think about it. I'm just wrong. Or that's not even said, it's just disregarded! So here it is. HA You can't take that away!

*I'm pro-life but not anti-abortion. I feel the use of abortion as a birth control is wrong. I feel that the 'father' should have some say in it, even though it's the woman's body. I do, however, feel if it deems medically necessary to save the womans life, needs to be legal. Also in cases of insest and rape. Of course no one could possibly be truthful and sadly suddenly there would be a sudden rise in the reports of both just to get things done.
*I'm for gun control. Why are people dying by semi automatic weapons? Why would any hunter, homeowner, shop owner need one of these?? I'm not saying take away hunting rifles, or handguns. Just stop the wal-mart customers from having ridiculous military grade weapons.
*I think birth control should be handed out in public schools. Lets not be naive people!!!!
* I think $200,000 a year is NOT middle class. 
*I'm for the war. That's right I said it.
*I'm very annoyed with the health care system. Drs wouldn't have to charge outrageous amounts to health ins companies if they actually got paid! Or not sued over everything. So maybe I'm against lawyers? ahah

well that's all for now. 
thanks for listening. 
Feel free to comment with your beliefs. I won't judge. Just don't context it with "i disagree with your crappy opinion!" 

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