Monday, November 3, 2008

politics please go away!

I'm so happy it's November for one reason and one reason only...Tuesday is Election Day. Though I have my opinions I just can't wait for it to be over! I'm sick of the town hall meetings and debates and jokes and especially the horrible ads. All the news this AM has only been about what they're doing on this "last day." I just can't stand it. It seems extremely left and right sided this year. And the annoying back and forth on the vice president candidates. Well I can't say both of them. Palin. They're so worried about about McCain dropping dead in office and her being the next in line. No mention about Biden? He would be next in line too.  There are no worries about a black man being in office and the threats to his life? It's sad to say but there are still pathetic low lives out there that don't think he deserves it not for his lack experience or issues they might not agree with but because of his race. So that would leave Biden. I JUST HATE IT ALL! BE DONE!!
Who ever is our president I will honor as an American. If taxes raise, we'll have to move somewhere we can afford. If we have to switch Drs so we can keep health insurance we will. If it gets intolerable, we'll move to Canada! EH?

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