Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Reply To Sender.

Ok. Really. I get called a few times a day, even though I'm on the do not call list, by someone wanting to sell me something. Some of the calls are even for me to listen to an "important message" if I press #3 or hold on the line...or my favorite "call me at 555-5555 i have something to talk to you about." Really?? Maybe you just call me directly??
Well I have now made at least 3 inquiries for products or services . I have not heard a word or email or anything from these people! NOTHING! Things I'm willing to buy, things I've contacted them for, they didn't even have to solicit my business. What kind of business ethic is that? Did they embezzle enough money from their company that they really don't care or want any more commission? Was my potential order to much to handle? Are they all on sabbatical, all their computers and phone lines broken at the same time? Am I black listed? 
Ok, sarcasm aside. What bad business. The least they could have done is shuffle me off to someone else! 

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