Thursday, November 6, 2008

I dream of Genie vs Bewitched

With out coming off as a sci-fi or comic book nerd, I dare state this: If I were to have a super power I'd like to freeze time.
I said it would sound nerdy! I'm not saying for days. Just for a little extra time. Or to say stop the rotten pumpkin from falling out of the bag you just put it in to throw it away from falling on your new sneaker! But that's just an example.
How great would it be. You wouldn't need time travel like Genie where she's blink herself places, because  you could freeze time and not miss anything while getting there! I could freeze time to make dinner, and enjoy making it instead of shuffling the kids out of the kitchen most of the time! Of course on Bewitched it would just be a nose twitch. Well I guess that's still the winner. I'd certainly get a lot more sleep! And my children would grow up a lot slower than the are now, as would I!

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