Tuesday, November 4, 2008

village of insomniacs

I would never sit here and say either of my children are good sleepers. 
My Daughter slept though the night in her bassinette but once she was put into the crib, FOR-GET-IT! She ended up in bed with us. She's sleep for about 2hrs then wake up and I'd bring her in bed. Which really, I was fine with. We all got to sleep. She's stay out till I got up, which was sometimes later than I'd like to admit :)
We put up a "big girl bed" and she'd sleep in there more of the night but to the same result. 
Once my Son came along she wouldn't get out of our bed. If he was in there...so was she. I vowed to put him in his crib. All the time. Well he sleeps like a champ for naps. Night is another story. He sleeps till about 3 or 4 AM then I take him in bed. Only thing is once he's awake...HE's AWAKE! Chatting, slapping, trying to escape. 
This in turns wakes up the other one who also wants to join us. Now my poor husband ends up bringing her back to bed and staying there with her in her twin bed. 
I've tried to let him scream at night and he doesn't give up. He just screams. Then none of us sleep. We've also tried putting her back in bed alone and she too screams, of course neither of them do this when the other one is awake. So we all know that end  result! 
So here I sit, at unlawful hours in the AM. I don't think I've had a full, good night sleep in 5 years. Wow. I'm tired.

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