Saturday, November 8, 2008

an inspiration

Every so often something or someone comes along to remind you of something you wanted to do or be or just give a try. Today that happened. I went to a book party for a friend that illustrated a book. When I left all I could think about was "I would be able do that." And by no means is that a slap to her for actually doing it, it's not an easy task and she is very talented. 
I graduated college with a degree in Graphic Design. I minored in photography and sculpture. Of course you probably could never tell that by meeting me. Before we moved to our current house, an well before children, alot of my work was around the house. Framed photos, a painting, even some nude statues! When we moved, I didn't even unpack them. 
When I got home today and was looking at the book, I wanted to run upstairs and dust off the paint brushes, dig out the oils and just start SOMETHING! Of course, life interuptus--dinner was to be made, kids were to be tended and bedtime happened; and here I am at the computer again!
I forgot the passion I had for the arts. I do love it. I may not have purple hair or wear black or be your "typical" artist. But at heart I'm an artist. It's just been squished up in there by all the love I now have running around my house and technically I have created what is in photos in the frames on the wall!


beach mama said...

Except for the Disney frames above your couch. LOL!

I would love to see some of your work. You DO take great pictures.

Go for it! I am sure you could find someone to write a story and your could paint it.

Peggy Sue said...

True! I can't take credit for pluto and donald! lol~