Wednesday, November 19, 2008

All for one...

and one for all, right?
Well in my case nope! I have to laugh about it but it does really annoy me! I some how always get roped into something that is a ton of work for me and someone else benifits, with little or no thanks involved. 
Now don't get me wrong, I'm more than happy and willing and able to help people out with whatever is with in my means... and I'm not looking for bilboards of thanks. Things just never seem to go my way! Maybe I'm too subtle or humble??? Hahaha I know this post negates the humble!
An example of what I mean. A friend of mine has a business. I stopped by the other day, and she mentioned that she needed to get some flyer's out. I being, or once being, in the business said "oh I can help you." She said that's awesome, I'll pay you to do it, I say great.  So I worked on some flyer's, nothing award winning, but I put just as much effort into that as I do anything. She says she needs to find a neon sign, I happen to know someone who does that so I recommend soon as she speaks with him she calls me to tell me that he's great thanks for the contact and that he's going to do the flyer's too!!! WTF?? They're done, BY ME! She said then it won't be a bother to me!!! HELLO? I'M NOT BOTHERED IF I'M BEING PAID!!!!! I said fine, I'll pick up my design from your office. So annoying!! That's just the latest example. I guess I care too much? Sounds silly. I guess I'm angry that I worked on it and it's just getting wasted. 
Oh well. I know, lovely angry post after a few days!! 

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