Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's not a 3 car garage!

Ok so we're lucky enough to have a 2 car garage. However, my van and my husbands truck take up a good portion of the room. My daughters cherry red mustang just doesn't fit!! I trip over it, whap my knee on it, have to climb over it to get the kids out of the car! Now I know what your thinking...'why does your 4 year old have a car?' Well it's one of those little two seat battery cars. It's adorable. I wish I had that actual car! But in the summer we drag it up from the basement and she gets to drive it around the driveway and side walk and when the boys next door break out their jeep it's like a small speedway!  We took out the screw that let it go top speed because the jeep was completely running  down the mustang (unheard of in real cars!) and now the mustang does circles around it! But it's time to put on the tarp and store it for winter! My knees need time to recover! And I'd like to walk through the garage for a bit without my mountain climbing gear!

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beach mama said...

hahaha! Love the Mustang!
I found the parking lot around the corner from me is perfect to let the Kid zip around at top speed in his Gator. I couldn't keep up with him on the street!